Bakery Brokking in other hands

Pastry bakery Brokking from Dordrecht, over hundred year old family business, becomes property of Bob Kaptein, who took over the pastry bakery Maison Kelder from The Hague in 2011. Kaptein takes charge in Dordrecht over the brothers Wim and Jack Brokking, whom have been involved in the pastry bakery for forty years. The continuity will now be ensured according to them.

No successor
The brothers Brokking couldn’t find any suitable candidate within their family. Past summer they got in contact with Kaptein, who started his career in the finance sector but is now deeply rooted in the world of pastry. ‘Kaptein has taken over Maison Kelder and did a good job. That is only possible if you are passionate about pastry’, says Wim Brokking (57). ‘We are convinced Brokking can face a safe future with Kaptein.’

According to Kaptein lays the power of Brokking and Maison Kelder in quality and love for pastry. ‘With a great range of pastry, prepared with love and which tasted good. You don’t mess with that in any way.’

Own assortment
Brokking is known very well in Dordrecht. The pastry bakery has one location and delivers pastry to supermarkets in the surrounding municipalities. The pastry bakery will keep its own assortment under the leadership of the new owner, just like Maison Kelder. Kaptein: ‘It will remain two separate companies. Of course in the future we can make use of economies of scale, like with the purchase of raw materials. But everything else will remain as it is.’

The transaction will have no consequences for the employees of Brokking and Maison Kelder. Kaptein will mainly be active in Dordrecht the upcoming time, in order to get to know the bakery. Wim and Jack Brokking will help him until the end of this year. After that they will withdraw from the company.

Maison Kelder
Maison Kelder is a well-known pastry bakery in The Hague and surroundings, with hazelnut pie as specialty. The company, founded in 1934, counts three stores: at the Arabislaan and Weissenbruchstraat in The Hague and in the Kerkstraat in Wassenaar. The pastry of Kelder is also available in some restaurants in The Hague and surroundings. Maison Kelder employs fifty people.

Pastry bakery Brokking exists since 1898 and is known for its hazelnut pastry. The company has one store in Dordrecht at the Krispijnseweg and delivers pastry to the bigger supermarkets in the surrounding municipalities. Brokking has sixteen employees.


Source: Bakkers in Bedrijf