Acquiring, selling, or funding a company is a business in itself.

As an entrepreneur, there comes a time when you think about selling your business, about the acquisition of another company, or about the optimal capital structure for your company. It is important to realise that kind of process is not like anything an entrepreneur deals with on a daily basis. Whether you are thinking of selling or looking to acquire, all sorts of business and personal decisions have to be made. Not to mention all manner of questions, financial terms and legal considerations. It really isn’t something to be done on the side. That kind of process is a business in itself!

Not just ‘business as usual’

  • How do you make the right judgement calls for yourself and for your company?
  • How do you stay in control of your future?
  • What do you do if the situation changes over the course of the process?

For an entrepreneur like you, this is really not a case of ‘business as usual’, but for Hogenhouck it is our bread and butter.

How we work

Our industry expertise means we have long term relationships with our clients. We immerse ourselves with your company and informally share ideas long before a sale or acquisition process, until the time is right to make a move. We start the process with a statement of work which provides an overview of what agreements have been made. We will charge a fee for certain phases of the process and we charge a fee on successful closing of a transaction. Every sale or acquisition process has a dedicated team, including one of the Hogenhouck partners, directors and analysts. They will act as the point of contact for you and your financial team or advisors.

Your committed M&A advisor

As an entrepreneurial, committed M&A partner, we make it our mission to put you in the strongest possible position and to keep you there. The outcome of this kind of process is critical for your business. We recognise that responsibility and collectively deliver a team effort at a high level. You form the core. We work towards the best result with passion, energy and creativity.

The person behind the deal

No matter how tense the negotiation, how great the required effort or how close to the finish line: we will always align with your interests. The person behind the deal is really what drives and inspires us. Perhaps that sounds ‘unusual’ in the world of finance, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.