Acquiring a company – How to find the perfect match

In business you are always thinking out of the box. Your entrepreneur’s instinct tells you what way the market is moving and where you want to position yourself. Can you get there on your own? Or is buy-and-build your preferred expansion strategy? If the latter is the case, then you are looking for a business that matches your vision and ambitions for the growth of your own company. By no means is that ‘business as usual’ for most people, but for Hogenhouck it is our bread and butter.

Your strategy is our guiding principle

You see new opportunities. You have a vision for keeping your products and services up to date. You have ideas on how you can increase your current market share and exploit new segments, both domestic and international. Or is it time to modernise? A strategic partner could help accelerate that process, but where should you start your search? It is important to look beyond the usual suspects and explore other options.

Explore different routes

We begin the acquisition process by taking a fresh look at the options for the future of your business. We provide advice on how to strengthen your position in the future by making strategic acquisitions. We know the markets and the players. Neither are we afraid to move off the beaten track. Naturally we examine not just the opportunities for synergy offered by potential candidates, but we also compare their culture and identity.

Your M&A advisor

Our dedicated team will sit down with you to visualise the options. We know how to open the right doors and ensure a strong position for possible negotiations, which we oversee on your behalf, with you at the centre as the decision-maker.

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Our dedicated team will drive the acquisition process:

  • We prepare the declaration of intention to purchase and develop the buyer profile
  • We gather information and identify potential parties
  • We approach the selected parties
  • We organise face-to-face introductions
  • We plan the next steps and gather information
  • We calculate a valuation of the company to be acquired
  • If required, we provide advice on funding; bank and/or venture capital
  • We develop the negotiation strategy and lead the negotiations
  • We prepare the letter of intent
  • We coordinate the due diligence
  • We oversee the sale agreement and the closure of the deal