Funding your business – The capacity to grow

Years of hard work have shown that your business has a proven business model. You see a chance to claim a sizeable chunk of the market and achieve growth figures that will make your dream come true. But your organisation lacks the necessary funds to take the next steps. There could well be other shareholders who perceive this as the right moment to withdraw. This kind of dilemma can be resolved with a financial partner and a good asset structure, without losing control of the reins.

The next step for your company

The choice of business partner and the investment conditions are crucial for the continued expansion of your company. It is important that all cards are laid on the table and that all parties share the same vision and agree on the next steps for the business. What is the optimal asset structure and which conditions will be conclusive?

Our capital advisory experience

Your head is spinning with financial terms and legal clauses, and you are unfamiliar with the parties involved. How do you make the right choice? This is not your daily bread but you still want to take the best possible decision. Hogenhouck will guide you in this new world, so that you can focus on the future of your company and on making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Create the business case together

  • We visualise the key value drivers, growth ambitions and funding requirements
  • We present the company in an investment memorandum
  • We approach potential candidates and facilitate face-to-face introductions
  • We plan the next steps
  • We negotiate the structure and valuation
  • We write a letter of intent
  • We coordinate the due diligence
  • We oversee the sale agreement and the closure of the deal