Director Infotheek is leaving

Tom van Reijen doesn’t find himself longer suitable for the executive position
Co-owner and Commercial Director Tom van Reijen no longer finds himself suitable for an executive position at ICT-service provider Infotheek from Leiden. In order to manage further growth for the ICT-company, Jordy Kool is stepping into the role of Commercial Director since last year July. Now his successor is instructed, Van Reijen is preparing his exit. Founder and major shareholder of Infotheek Duco van Leenen will remain Managing Director.

Infotheek sees the switch as an example of how a SME can continue to grow at management level in a responsible way, says Van Reijen. ‘We started seventeen years ago with three man, I was assistant-showroom employee. Nowadays we have 230 employees’, says the leaving Commercial Director.

According to Van Reijen did the revenue grow from 1 million euro to 80 million euro per year under his leader.  The growth will continue. ‘To say you’re not good at something, might sound strange, but you have to know your weak characteristics’, says Van Reijen. ‘Entrepreneurship is my hobby, but being a director of a company this size is completely different. You have to take the next step at a certain point, as a company but also as a human being. We want Infotheek to keep growing. That is why we started looking for a suitable successor, someone who can manage the further growth. I am convinced Jordy Kool can do a much better job at this than I can.’

Van Reijen plans on starting a bed & breakfast in Italy.

About Infotheek
Infotheek Group is a supplier of hardware and ICT-services. Infotheek is a Gold Preferred Partner of HP, Premier Business Partner of IBM and Lenovo and Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. Infotheek was founded in 1991 in Leiden, they employ 230 people.

The company is known for its concept ‘standardise and save in the current IT-platform’ and since several years for their service division, among which network management, support, logistic services, asset management and rental of hardware.


Source: Computable