Finalist takes over TDC Lighthouse en Maxcol

The ICT-service provider Finalist, from Rotterdam, has taken over TDC Lighthouse Internet Solutions from Maarssen and Maxcol from Maastricht. TDC Lighthouse is a developer of websites and web applications; Maxcol is a specialist in Ruby-customisation. Because of the merge, a new company arises of circa eighty employees with offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maarssen, Maastricht and Rotterdam.

Finalist is active in ICT-consultancy, implementation projects and application maintenance since 1988. The company is specialized in open source, open standards and programming languages like Java, PHP and Ruby. Until the take-over of TDC Lighthouse and Maxcol they employed sixty people.

TDC Lighthouse Internet Solutions designs and develops websites and applications, based on open source technology. The company is active since 2001 and from November 2010 with the support of major shareholder Amsterdampark Capital. Ruby-developer Maxcol is particularly active in the healthcare sector of Limburg.

Finalist enlarges its regional presence in the Netherlands with these two take-overs and claims to be able to be closer to its clients. In addition, the company gets access to the industrial sector (via TDC Lighthouse) and strengthens its position in the healthcare sector (Maxcol).


Source: Computable