Celebrating that Cornelis Vrolijk acquires Haasnoot Vis and Neptunus Seafood

Fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk acquires Haasnoot Vis and Neptunus Seafood

Fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk acquires all shares in Haasnoot Vis BV and Neptunus Seafood BV from Haasnoot Food Family. Haasnoot Vis BV also trades under the name Polaris. The companies are located in Katwijk and Enschede. This acquisition is the next step in Cornelis Vrolijk’s ‘from ship to shelf’ strategy.

Strong position in the fishing and delivery chain

Cornelis Vrolijk is an internationally operating fishing company with activities in catching, breeding, processing, and trading fish. Including partnerships, Cornelis Vrolijk employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. In recent years, Cornelis Vrolijk has acquired a number of fish processing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Haasnoot Vis BV and Neptunus Seafood BV are a good addition to these companies. Cornelis Vrolijk and Haasnoot are characterized by excellent craftsmanship with quality, reliability, and sustainability as key values.

Economies of scale in fish commerce and production

Haasnoot Vis is innovative in developing new (herring) products and has a strong position in the sale of herring and fish to consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In addition to the synergy between the companies, Cornelis Vrolijk also expects to achieve economies of scale in commerce and production.

From ‘ship to shelf’ strategy in the fishing and delivery chain

Director Annerieke Vrolijk indicates that this acquisition is in line with the ‘from ship to shelf’ strategy of Cornelis Vrolijk: “With this acquisition and the addition of Martin and Kees Haasnoot to our organisation, we broaden our range, effectiveness, and innovative capabilities. During the acquisition process, we became excited about the growing possibilities to provide high-quality fish and shrimp products to consumers in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.”

Develop new fish products for consumers

Martin and Kees Haasnoot, who will continue their work in the new group, are looking forward to the integration of the companies: “We’re excited to further expand our position in the consumer market within the Cornelis Vrolijk organisation”, says Martin Haasnoot. “We can use our knowledge and expertise in the European fish market, and develop new fish products with the consumer as the starting point.”

Consistent execution of the strategy

Hogenhouck m&a assisted Cornelis Vrolijk in this acquisition. Mark van Beusekom, partner at Hogenhouck m&a, about this transaction: “Cornelis Vrolijk’s ‘from ship to shelf’ strategy is the basis for the consistent development of the group of companies. This acquisition further strengthens the group of companies that process fish and deliver fish products to consumers.”