Fitness centre TrainMore continues growth through new investment

Infotheek-CEO Jordy Kool helps fitness centre to extend. Leiden January 26th 2017 – The innovative fitness centre TrainMore can further extend because of the major investment. Entrepreneur Jordy Kool doesn’t only provide the company with expansion capital, but will also become an advisor. The former fitness instructor has had a special career so far. This is a strength: doing business different from others. Kool followed a traineeship at the marien, worked several sales- and senior management functions in Telecom (KPN, Priority Telecom, UPC) and at Hewlett-Packard and Reed Elsevier. Insiders see him as one of the most talented people in the ICT-industry. Members get financial rewards at TrainMore when they exercise more often.

TrainMore was founded in 2010 as a concept to compete with the growing number of budget-fitness centres, while still keeping quality and with the mission to help people live healthier and exercise more. Members who exercise more will have a subscription with an increasingly lower price. TrainMore managed to grow in several years from just one location in Utrecht, to nine different locations in the whole country.

The investment of Kool gave founders Marjolijn Meijer and Han Doorenbosch the opportunity to extend to other big Dutch cities and abroad on the long term. TrainMore plans on becoming one of the bigger players in the Dutch fitness market. To reach this, Kool will advise on strategic level and share his knowledge and experiences.

Founders Marjolijn Meijer and Han Doorenbosch are looking forward to the collaboration: “Just like Infotheek we grow fast, we are ambitious and we see the opportunity to further extend in the Netherlands and abroad. To realise this, we looked for a strong co-shareholder with knowledge of the business, fitness and growth”, said Doorenbosch.

Investor Jordy Kool is a former sports instructor and now CEO of IT-company Infotheek. “Sport is besides entrepreneurship my biggest passion” says Kool. “From day one, I was triggered by the drive of the owners of TrainMore. Also the concept really appeals to me: it is unique, the gyms are on unique locations, have their own look and feel and distinguish from the big budget companies.”


About TrainMore
Founders Marjolijn Meijer and Han Doorenboush have about 20 year experience in the fitness branch. They started at the fitness club Clubsportive and founded TrainMore in 2010: a revolutionary concept where you pay less as you exercise more. The basic subscription is 35 euro and you save 1 euro with each work-out. Because of this incentive members of TrainMore exercise 1,9 times a week on average, where this is 1,1 at other fitness centres.  TrainMore has locations in Amsterdam (De Pijp and citycentre), Groningen, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Diemen and Zaandam: these next generation gyms are located in characteristic buildings with a young and modern appearance. More locations will open upcoming years. Meijer and Doorenbosch their ambitions are clear: make the Netherlands healtier and fitter with financial reward for a visit at their fitness centre.