HR Tech Company IGB

HR Tech company IGB sold to VONQ

HR Tech company IGB has been acquired by recruitment marketing agency VONQ. Hogenhouck m&a advised the IGB shareholders in this transaction for IGB.

Specialist in recruitment tooling

IGB was founded in 200 and is now an international company that supports employment agencies, recruitment, and selection agencies with intelligent recruitment tooling. More than 10 million vacancies are posted monthly through more than 1,000 channels.

Peter Nieuwpoort, Managing Director of IGB, about this collaboration: “IGB is looking forward to being part of VONQ. This collaboration allows IGB to grow as part of an international organization. VONQ has a very complimentary service and has experience in entering new markets. By joining forces, many synergies can be achieved. For example, media purchasing will be added to the IGB technology, in addition to programmatic advertising, multi-posting, and recruitment analytics.”

Online recruitment on a global scale

VONQ is the market leader in recruitment technology with more than 1,000 corporate clients, including Deloitte, Shell, and Microsoft. With VONQ’s SaaS solution, the tricky work of searching, integrating, and optimizing thousands of advertising channels is performed by an algorithm.

Tycho van Paassen, co-founder of VONQ: ‘We are very happy to join forces with IGB. The fact that IGB becomes part of the VONQ family and technology provides a significant expansion of our services. By adding programmatic advertising to our Job Marketing Platform, we can meet all types of recruitment needs on a global scale.’

Investment Capital D

The acquisition follows the investment in VONQ by pan-European private equity fund Capital D, which focuses on disruptive medium-sized companies in Europe.