IT service provider DataByte joins Interstellar Group

IT managed service provider DataByte has joined the Interstellar Group. Hogenhouck m&a assisted John Heijnen and John de Jongh, owners of DataByte, in this transaction.

Well known IT company in the Southwest of the Netherlands

In more than thirty years, DataByte has established its position as important IT service provider with two offices in the Southwest of the Netherlands. Databyte has a team of 85 committed IT specialists, services 450 customers and has a strong position in healthcare, manufacturing, business services and the SME segment.

Growth ambition for the next years

DataByte was founded in 1987 by John Heijnen. The management continues to consists of John Heijnen, John de Jongh and Peter Bijker. DataByte has the ambition to increase its annual turnover to 40 million euros and to grow the number of branches in the Southwest of the Netherlands to six.

Servicing customers in their digital journey

CEO John Heijnen has a clear view on the added value for DataByte’s customers: “In a market with rapid technological developments – especially in the field of cybersecurity and cloud – we want to maintain our leading position. As part of Interstellar, we can continue and strengthen our entrepreneurship with a wide range of high-quality knowledge and IT specializations. This will help us service our customers at the highest level during their digital journey in which adoption, security and innovation become even more important. We want to remain the most relevant IT service provider in our region.”

Buy-and-build strategy Interstellar

In February 2021, six successful IT companies joined forces in the Interstellar Group, creating a new large IT services provider with national coverage in the Netherlands. Interstellar consists of a collection of IT service providers with their own identity, being Solimas, Exite ICT and CSN Group, as well as specialists in the field of cloud and security: Fundaments, DataExpert and Pinewood. DataByte has now joined Interstellar.

Interstellar Group now has more than 500 employees and a turnover of more than Euro 120 million. CEO Maarten van Montfoort: “DataByte is a renowned managed services provider (MSP) at the top of the SME sector and market leader in the larger region. We will continue to pursue a strong buy-and-build strategy to become one of the larger players in the market. We are very proud that DataByte wants to be part of this great adventure.”