Maison Kelder acquires Lekkers

De Vereenigde Banketbakkers B.V. acquires Chocolaterie Lekkers.

Chocolaterie Lekkers, based in Zoetermeer, has been making her customers happy with artisanal prepared specialties since 2000. With passion, Lekkers makes chocolate products, the best ice cream based on organic milk and sells the most delicious cakes in the region. All of that remains unchanged, except for the new name ‘Maison Kelder’.

The Hague based confectionery, Maison Kelder (acquired in 2011) and Banketbakkerij Brokking (acquisition 2014) are also part of De Vereenigde Banketbakkers B.V., which is led by former banker, Bob Kaptein. Hogenhouck acted on behalf of the buyer.