OFN shareholders sign agreement with TransEquity Network

OFN attracts TransEquity Network as growth partner

OFN, developer of sustainable products for outdoor and public spaces, has attracted TransEquity Network from Den Bosch as investor and growth partner for the company. Hogenhouck m&a advised the shareholders of OFN.

Accelerate growth

Transequity Network fully endorses OFN’s vision on developing sustainable solutions and services. The partnership provides a huge opportunity for OFN to further develop the company and its sustainable ambition: “We are proud of this step for our family business and we are convinced that TransEquity Network is a good fit for OFN,” said David Baars, General Manager and shareholder of OFN.

Sustainable solutions for public space

OFN is a specialist partner in developing and maintaining projects for outdoor and public space for 20 years. OFN’s products can be seen by millions of Dutch travelers in countless places. From bus stops and boarding points for public transport, from digital travel information boards to sustainable signage, and from noise barriers along highways to bus shelters with a green Sedum roof. Since 4 years OFN has focused on developing sustainable innovations for these public spaces. This involves adapting existing products so that they have a positive impact on users and the environment. In addition, new smarter products are being developed, which are better suited to today’s circular ambitions.

Next step for the family business

Shareholder of OFN and general manager David Baars will stay on in the same role within OFN. Founder Henk Baars will have a role as member of the Advisory Board. Henk Baars, former owner of OFN: “In this transaction for OFN, I will transfer part of my shares to TransEquity Network and to David. David will continue to expand the business, with the support of the professionals of TransEquity Network to accelerate OFN’s growth ambitions.”