Radar software has been aquired by visma

CRM software provider RADAR acquired by Visma

Visma has acquired RADAR Software, a provider of CRM solutions for accountants and administrative services providers. Hogenhouck m&a assisted the founders Brigitte Buntinx and Harrie van den Bersselaar of RADAR Software in this transaction.

CRM system for accountants

RADAR Software was founded twenty years ago and focuses its CRM solution on accountants and administrative services providers. More than 650 administration and accountancy firms use RADAR Software.

Brigitte Buntinx, director of RADAR: “As a CRM cloud service provider, we want to offer our customers maximum functionality. We have positioned ourselves as a CRM specialist in the market for accountants and administrative services providers. With additional functionalities such as document management, time registration, and an invoicing module, RADAR has evolved into a core system for the modern accountant.”

Innovation within the accountancy practice

John Reynders, country director Visma Benelux: “RADAR Software is a strategic fit for us, which means that we can now support all primary business processes in accountancy firms with innovative cloud solutions. The user experience for accountants will improve, such as single sign-on and more intelligent connections with other Visma systems.”

Brigitte Buntinx continues: “At RADAR there is no lack of ideas for improvement. We will continue to innovate our products and increase the efficiency of the solution. This includes links with other systems, as well as build-in alerts from specific packages to the CRM system allowing an advisor to take even more relevant actions.”

RADAR remains a separate entity

Reynders: “We are delighted that RADAR Software has chosen to become part of the Visma family. RADAR remains a separate company and the current management will remain in place. Visma will support further collaboration as a network organization.”

Buntinx: “That’s also how we look at it. We want to build on our solution and make it even better and bigger. We expect to achieve this with the resources and knowledge of Visma.”