RAM Infotechnology acquires Computication

Cloud service partner RAM Infotechnology took over industry peer Computication from Zeist. The goal of the take-over is to strengthen the service supply and entry to new markets by RAM Infothechnology. Computication, as subsidiary, will keep operating independently as of May 2016 from RAM Infotechnology its office.

Recently, Dirk Fabels and Joachim Kaarsgaren, directors RAM Infotechnology, and Martijn van der Schaaf, CEO Computication, signed the contract. Joachim Kaarsgaren is pleased with this acquisition: “In 2015 we won the price of best ICT-company, so we couldn’t sit still. Dirk Fabels and I quickly came to the conclusion the successful Computication can be of great value to our portfolio. We deliver 24/7 support from our own datacentre. Our strength lays the digital workplace and the power of Computication are the local workplace support for end-users. They monitor 24/7 and proactive manage on-premise private IT-infrastructures. We complement each other perfectly.”

Kaarsgaren continues: “Our focus on managed cloud services follows the direct international trends. We accelerate our growth and knowledge in markets such as semi government and the financial sector with Computication.”

Martijn van der Schaaf sees the acquisition as a logic next step in professionalising the organisation which started three years ago: “Computication positions as IT-partner for medium-size companies with a strategic dependency on IT. The take-over accelerates our growth to maturity. RAM had our preference, because we think the same, but we are complementary in our service.”

About RAM Infothechnology
RAM Infotechnology is specialized in cloud services for healthcare, government and the financial sector. Modular outsourcing is the philosophy of the company: not ‘all or nothing’, but ‘everything custom made’. With its own label eCumulus, Ram has a private cloud platform for workspot-, hosting- and network services. The eCumulus application library contains more than 300 applications. RAM Infothechnology has over 300 clients. GGZ North-Holland-North recently selected eCumulus as ICT-platform for its 1700 employees. RAM Infotechnology is together with RAM Mobile Data part of the RAM Group. Together they have over 120 employees in the Benelux.

About Computication
Computication provides its ICT-services in retail, engineering, semi-government and finance. The company is strong in end-user support, has an extended monitoring software and designs on-site & cloud IT-services. Other relevant services are Managed Skype for Business and Mobile Device Management. Computication has 15 employees.


Source: Emerce