TrainMore acquires New York Gym Amsterdam

New York Gym Amsterdam is acquired by fitness chain TrainMore. Hogenhouck guided this transaction in TrainMore’s growth strategy. TrainMore is growing fast in a hyper-competitive market. The number of TrainMore clubs in Amsterdam’s city center is now six, in addition to seven locations in other cities.

“We are fully committed to our ambition to become the market leader in the centers of the largest cities in the Netherlands and the acquisition of New York Gym is another great next step,” said owners Han Doorenbosch and Marjolijn Meijer. TrainMore focuses exclusively on grade A-locations and focuses on young urban people.

“The acquisition of New York Gym was a no brainer. The characteristic building at Veemkade fits in perfectly with our vision. We always aim for buildings with a wow factor to create a new generation of urban gyms. The goal is to transform New York Gym to a next level gym by the end of this year, with the quality that people are used to from TrainMore, “says Han Doorenbosch.