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Cash Software has been acquired by Visma

Online business software specialist Cash Software has been acquired by Visma, a leader in cloud business solutions. Cash Software was founded in 1984 and has been developing business software for SMEs for more than 35 years. Microloon software was added to its portfolio 7 years ago. Hogenhouck m&a advised the shareholders of Cash Software in this transaction.

Software for accountants and SMEs

More than 10,000 companies now use CASH and Microloon for over 400,000 financial administrations. “Cash Software has expanded over the years by putting to the user first to be able to offer innovative business solutions with good service. By becoming part of the Visma family, we have even more opportunities to create added value for all our users,” says Robert Mijnsbergen, CEO of Cash Software.

Broad ERP cloud solutions for accountants

Cash Software for accountants is a strategic extension to the Visma ecosystem. “We are extremely pleased that Cash Software has chosen to become part of our fast-growing Visma family. With the addition of Cash Software, we are one step closer to offering the most complete and innovative accountancy and ERP cloud solution in the Benelux,” says John Reynders, Country Director Visma Benelux.

Cash Software remains a separate entity

Cash Software will continue its business activities as an independent organisation and separate entity. As part of the Visma group, the organisation will benefit from partnering with other Visma companies. The two former owners, Jaap Boender and Zita de Booij, are saying goodbye to Cash Software. Owner Robert Mijnsbergen will continue to be the Managing Director.

Involved team members

Margot IJssel de Schepper

Mark van Beusekom
Managing Partner