XVR attracts investment by Apiary Capital

Virtual reality e-learning specialist XVR attracts investor Apiary Capital

XVR, specialist in e-learning and virtual reality training for emergency services, has attracted British investor Apiary Capital for a shareholder buyout and to initiate a buy-and-build strategy. Hogenhouck m&a assisted XVR in this transaction.

Market leader for emergency services learning environment

XVR is the market leader in virtual reality e-learning for emergency services, such as fire departments, the police force and healthcare services. XVR was founded in 2001 and the platform now counts more than 450 emergency services in 50 countries among its customer base. About 300,000 first responders are trained via the comprehensive platform with crisis scenario simulations, e-learning content, a learning management system and a competency management system.

Fast-growing market for simulations and e-learning

The market for e-learning and simulation solutions is growing rapidly but is highly fragmented. Through an ambitious buy-and-build strategy, XVR intends to build on its market position by extending its range of compliance and competency management software and e-learning solutions to critical risk sectors. Simultaneously with the investment by Apiary Capital, XVR completed the bolt-on acquisition of learnPro eFireservice, offering e-learning and competency management software for fire services, rescue services and the UK healthcare (NHS).

Excellent position for further expansion

The management of the company consists of Joost Beerthuis (CEO), Espe du Plessis (CFO) and Stuart Layzell (Chairman). CEO Joost Beerthuis: “We are delighted to have Apiary Capital as an investor to further expand our position as the market leader in virtual reality e-learning for emergency services. With this investment, we have already been able to add Pro eFireservice to our organization, to combine expertise in training both frontline employees and incident response managers. This is a great first step towards further expansion.”

Complementary portfolio

XVR is the eighth participation in Apiary’s maiden £200m investment fund. Jeniv Shah, partner at Aviary Capital, added: “XVR and learnPro eFireservice are both market leaders in their segments. The companies have strong complementary solutions for fire, police and healthcare. These sectors have high demands on the learning capacity and the development of competences within their organisations. We are delighted to be able to support Joost and team’s ambition in bringing the two businesses together.”

Hogenhouck assisted shareholders XVR

Hogenhouck m&a assisted the XVR shareholders in this transaction. Mark van Beusekom, Partner at Hogenhouck: “XVR is an innovative company with a unique portfolio and position in the market. This resulted in a strong interest in the company. We are please that our broad and international focused process, has led to Apiary as a strong partner for XVR and its growth ambition.”