Voskamp Group takes over Safarm Beveiliging

The Voskamp Group has taken over Safarm Security in Baarn. Safarm is specialized in the security of companies, retail organizations and private individuals for thirty years now.

In 2007 the Voskamp Group took over the security company Emka from Soest. Emka is part of the security division of the Voskamp Group and delivers the total package for security and access management for private individuals, companies, housing associations and healthcare institutions. Emka and Safarm possess solid technological knowledge and complement each other in working area and clients. Safarm and Emka will merge as of the first of January because of the geographic location under the name of Emka Safarm Beveiligingen and will combine their expertise and skills in Soest.

The Voskamp Group is a total supplier of products for construction and industry, with eleven wholesale stores in the Netherlands. In addition, the group is specialized in security and door technique (mechanical and electronical) and aluminium. The total workforce of the Voskamp companies will be, after the take-over of Safarm, around three hundred employees.


Source: Security Online