New collegues at Hogenhouck: Jason, Maren, Tim and Lisa

Welcome new team members!

As part of their (graduation) internship, Lisa Boltje, Jason de Haas, and Tom Dortants started as junior analysts, and Maren van der Burght started as a communication and marketing intern. Hogenhouck is an organization where learning and development are key values. Now, what better place to learn everything on mergers and acquisitions than at an m&a boutique?

Interns at Hogenhouck m&a are involved in many steps in an m&a process. For example, perform sector research, prepare pitches, do financial analysis, and help make information memoranda. They are involved in the entire m&a process by supporting the team members. Most interns have a financial, commercial, or management background.

Tom Dortants

In July 2020, Tom has joined the Hogenhouck team. He is a real team player. He likes to work with people from different backgrounds. Tom has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University and is now pursuing a Master’s in International Management (CEMS).
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Lisa Boltje

Lisa has been with us since August. She is enthusiastic, has an eye for detail, and is eager to learn. Lisa is in the final phase of her study International Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. It appeals to her that at Hogenhouck you can advise an entrepreneur on both the buy-side and the sell-side.
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Jason De Haas

Jason started his graduation internship in September 2020. He is in the final phase of his study International Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. At Hogenhouck he wants to immerse himself in various companies and also build a relationship with the entrepreneur.
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Maren van der Burght

Maren has been working at Hogenhouck as of September 2020. She is creative, curious, and enthusiastic. The student Communication, International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies at Fontys in Tilburg and is involved in communication and marketing for Hogenhouck. She also conducts research and writes strategic communication advice.
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Hogenhouck m&a has internships available every six months. For more information about our internships check out our careers at Hogenhouck page.